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There's a few ways to help you achieve your fitness goals:


Small Group Personal Training

This is a fun social atmosphere with four or less people in each session. Receive ALL the benefits of a personal trainer and personalized workout in a group setting. Groups meet twice a week for 40-minute sessions for OPTIMAL results. Twice the results in half the time. This is Group Fitness done RIGHT.  The best equipment, best guidance, and best workouts!

12 Week Membership - $64/wk

24 Week Membership - $54/wk

*Diet/Lifestyle Coaching Add-On available

Individual Personal Training

One on one personal training can be done once or twice a week for 25-minute sessions. Best workout of your life, guaranteed!

12 Week Memberships:

1x/wk = $49/wk

2x/wk = $94/wk

Online Training

Individualized fitness program and accountability to meet your fitness goals.  This includes coaching calls and programming each workout you do via an easy-to-use app.   These workouts can be done at your home or in a gym.

12 Week Membership - $44/wk

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