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I had a great experience working with Kenny. He provided a workout tailored to me and he encouraged me to push myself to limits I've never done before. Each week I was stronger and improved. Kenny wasn't just focused on physical strengthening but nutritional and overall health. My goal was to get to a healthier place and to start getting into a routine of working out. I've reached those goals and with Kenny's support and workout plans in place I will certainly optimize my whole health by improving my eating habits and getting consistent effective workouts in weekly! I would highly recommend Kenny!

- Kali Vande Hey

Kenny is a phenomenal trainer. I have worked with him both in person and online and I have been very satisfied with both experiences. He works with you to understand your goals and is very honest about what he can do to help you achieve those goals. He has done a great job of pushing me to do my best and teaching me how to be healthier without making it feel like a burden. I would highly recommend Optimized Training to anyone looking for a trainer or lifestyle change!

- Claudia Fox

I signed up with Optimized Personal Training and Health Coaching, with Kenny as my personal trainer. I did the virtual 12-week program where he monitored my eating habits and gave me workout programs. The app he had me using was very easy to utilize, and helped me keep track of what lifts I was doing and how much I was lifting! He also sent along videos with the workout programs that demonstrated the lifts and what to watch for. It was very helpful! So far, I have seen really great results from this program. I have also gained great knowledge on what lifts can help transform my body. Kenny is always very positive, motivational, and is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Whenever I have questions, he always gives instant feedback, which has made this process go very smoothly for me.

- Desiree Coenen

I have been going to Optimized Personal Training Studio since November 2021. I could not say enough praises about Kenny and his program. He has always adapted to my crazy life schedule and making a training program that I can stick to. He pushes me to work hard but not so hard that I am not having a good time. I have seen great results in my strength and confidence. I switched to online when I had to move to Madison for work and I was worried I wouldn't be as motivated but I genuinely enjoy the workouts and look forward to going to the gym.

- Haley Jahnel

Kenny is an amazing, encouraging trainer who does not judge. At Optimized Personal Training & Health Coaching, Kenny personalizes a program that fits your skill level. The studio environment is not intimidating and welcoming to all levels. Classes are small, usually 3 people max, where Kenny challenges each member to grow stronger every day while making it fun. Classes meet three times a week and members will often receive encouraging text messages from Kenny throughout the week. Kenny also does weekly check-ins via Google Survey and updates his Facebook page with videos, articles, and recipes. While the main focus is resistance training, he is also knowledgable about nutrition (and random trivia) and shares insights on how to eat healthier and maintain a healthier life style. If you are looking to gain strength and start a healthier lifestyle, Kenny is the perfect trainer.

- Holli Ferguson

I would highly recommend anyone interested in making a transition to a healthier lifestyle through weight training to come meet Kenny. He is a phenomenal personal trainer who motivates, but isn’t pushy or “shaming”. He meets you were you are at in your fitness journey and helps build strength and mobility from there. Everything is personalized with a goal of making some kind of improvement each week. Kenny is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients! He also takes COVID precautions serious for everyone’s safety.

- Rachel Becker

If you're looking for a trainer who truly puts in the work to help you on your fitness journey, Kenny is your guy. From the start, I was impressed with the options he provides and let's you choose which fitness option working with him is right for you.

I've never quite had a trainer that puts so much effort into client fitness education, support, and follow up. Kenny provides a lot of facts along with habits that will help you along the journey.

- Casey Wells

Working with Kenny at Fox Fit has been great. He offers various training options. I found a training option that works really well for me to work toward and meet my goals. Kenny is very encouraging and engaged, and he insightfully educates clients on the "why" behind the training approach. My training schedule and diet recommendations are absolutely sustainable. I took advantage of the consultation plan; I really appreciate having this option. I highly recommend Optimized for health and fitness support!

- Brianna Wells

I have benefitted tremendously since working with Kenny and would encourage anyone with hopes of improving their physical health to try out Optimized. I have tried many gyms and fitness centers with hopes of finding a trainer who was educated, patient and able to recognize the areas I could push myself further. Kenny has exceeded those expectations and has provided so much more. I have seen massive improvement in my fitness and my body composition has shifted entirely since working with him. He will listen, provide educated insight, and lead you to the personal goals you set. His facility is clean and he has taken many precautions to ensure my and other clients safety during the pandemic. I strongly recommend Kenny for any personal fitness goals you may have!

- Michael Lefevre

I've been working with Kenny since Fall 2020. 2020 was such a fog for so many of us, and I was ready to take control of my health and well-being. Kenny at Fox Fit was, and still is, my golden ticket.
Kenny is focused on individual improvement. He creates and adjusts workouts according to your abilities while being a strong accountability partner. Kenny continually incorporates new resistance training moves so that your workouts stay interesting. It was easy to bond with all of Kenny's clients, and there's a strong comradery between Kenny and all of those you're working out with.
Optimized is an intimate gym setting with all of the bells and whistles. If you've been looking to better yourself but are hesitant on where to start, join Optimized Personal Training!

- Jordan VanDeHey

I highly recommend Optimized. I have found Kenny to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is very invested in improving his clients’ lives through resistance training and healthy nutrition habits. Each session is meticulously planned out and Kenny is prepared for any changes or modifications you may require. I am constantly impressed with Kenny’s infectious positivity. He is awesome at providing encouragement and celebrating the small achievements as well as the big ones.

- Elizabeth Olson

I work full time and have two young kids (4 & 2). I don’t have a lot of time to workout but Kenny’s program takes very little time out of my week. Gives me a full body workout and also pushes me. Great, simple structure, and still a lot of variety that keeps me excited for the next workout. Thankful to have found this, and love working with Kenny!

- Jonathan Wylie

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